Get to Know the Language of the Environment through Traditional Balinese Medicinal Plants


  • Ida Bagus Yoga Danu Darmawan


Tanaman tradisional, kearifan lokal, pengobatan, koleksi


Traditional medicinal plants in the Bali area have the potential to be explored from the information contained in the Lontar Usada Bali which contains the treatment system, medicinal ingredients and methods of treatment. Along with the development of the times, the information and knowledge about traditional medicinal plants in the current generation is decreasing. The purpose of this study was to present the results of the conservation of usada lontar plants in the form of plant exploration and ethnobotanical knowledge of South Bali and their collection. The research was conducted by exploring and inventorying medicinal plants based on key correspondents (Ida Pedanda, Pemangku, and Balian), for collection. The results of the study collected 30 collection numbers, some of which were new species to be collected. Based on information from key correspondents, it is clear that the richness of local wisdom in medicine can be seen from the variety of information regarding the uses and procedures for using each plant. It is hoped that with the conservation and collection of medicinal plants, the public will be able to identify various types of plants that have medicinal potential and participate in conserving them.