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Jurnal Kajian Nias
2 Issues Per Year
Rahmat Gaho, M.Hum. [Scopus ID] [Orcid] [Google Scholar]
CV Wahana Publikasi

Jurnal Kajian Nias is an open access journal focused on publishing research articles oriented to Nias studies. Jurnal Kajian Nias is published in November annually. The languages ​​used are Indonesian and English. Contributions are sought from all research areas (language, music, building arts, culture & customs, tourism, economy, religion, law, health, historical heritage, mythical stories, and education) and from other disciplines as long as the material is oriented towards Nias studies. We are interested in receiving well-written and timely papers from individuals for possible publication. The establishment of the Jurnal Kajian Nias is a dedication from the ‘Wahana Publikasi' in collaboration with Master of Linguistics Program of Warmadewa University to develop knowledge through research area. Hereby, Jurnal Kajian Nias platform as a concrete action to expand the development of area-based research.